CBD and My Severe Eczema

by Heidi Grimwood on August 11, 2019
I’m 2 months into using the 3000mg 20% CBD mainly for my eczema and my skin has never been better, to what I was going through for the past 25 years.. 
CBD and EczemaCBD and Eczema
For me it’s killed the inflammation I was suffering with on my legs and arms, all over really, the redness has subsided a lot and this has me stopped scratching a lot.. Now some days I still have a little itch but I will take that to what it was before (constantly scratching and tearing) so I still use silcocks base and in a day or to the patch is gone.. For me this cbd oil has been a life changer and for my family, I’m not as cranky anymore (love of my life would beg to differ) well not as cranky all the time, I’m not scratching all the time and I’m sleeping through the night with little to no scratching.

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