CBD Oil and My Eczema

by Heidi Grimwood on June 27, 2019

Those who know me know I’ve been suffering with eczema for all my adult life. Over 25 years of torture, sleepless nights, tearing at my skin, pain, burning and scratching. I have been to see consultants, dermatologists who prescribed steroids, antibiotics, steroid creams, clinical trials, baths, and tests (no answers). Although some of these worked while I was taking or using them, a week later it was back to the same thing – tearing, itching skin with no respite. My body got so used to the steroids eventually I was building up immunity and the results were getting less and less. I also went down the line of acupuncture, energy healing, herbalists, Chinese medicine, faith healer, homeopath, name it I tried it.


Soooooooo, I started reading into CBD and Hemp oil and then started contacting CBD companies looking for info (so did Heidi, to be fair a lot more than me, cause this shite wasn’t just effecting me but all the familia), and Heaven’s Hemp were the only company that could come up with valid info, Swiss lab testing and a genuine interest in us as customers. Sooooooo started taking the 2,000mg 20% CBD Platinum Edition of Heaven’s Hemp. After 6 weeks ish give or take a day or 2 the skin on my legs has never been better, checkout the photos.!!!.

Now I ain’t sayin its gonna work for youghal (ya’ll, the other wan’s a Cork thing) but I’ve NEVER BEEN BETTER, well that’s a big aul lie cause when I lived in Oz my skin was perfect cause of sun and sea, but we live in Ireland and I never thought I’d see the day when I got some decent results like this.

It’s not a miracle cure, but just sayin it has worked for me so far!!

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