Ireland's First CBD Spa Launches in December 2019

by Heidi Grimwood on November 09, 2019

CBD Spa Ireland

**Press Release**

Dublin, Ireland, November 2019 - Ireland's first CBD Spa treatments will be launched at The Buff Day Spa in Dublin from 2nd December 2019

In November 2019 Ireland will see the first spa to offer CBD massage treatments to assist with reducing inflammation, pain relief and improving overall well-being. But what makes these treatments so amazing?

In the past several years, the increase in the demand for CBD oil and other cannabidiol products has grown by leaps and bounds. There are many reasons why this has come about, and the market continues to grow at an amazing rate.

CBD Spa trading as CBD Ireland Online is owned by Bryan O’Keeffe and Heidi Grimwood.  It is a family run, Irish owned, an online shop dedicated to offering the best quality CBD oil and Hemp oil products.

Bryan (Heidi's partner) has suffered from severe eczema since childhood and no natural or medical treatments have given Bryan any long term relief. Frequent trips to the doctors, hospital stays and a lot of medication was part of Bryan's life. It was not only impacting his quality of life but also his family. After much research they decided to try taking CBD oil to treat his eczema and although Bryan's eczema isn't completely cured, the inflammation has reduced to a level where he has regained a quality of life, he can now sleep a full night and daily life feels a lot easier. Since the introduction of CBD oil in June 2019 Bryan continues to take the CBD oil and has not felt this great in many years. Of course he still has to look after his lifestyle for example alcohol is an irritant so a night out will negatively impact his skin for a few days but nowhere near the level it was before.

Heidi has worked as an international spa consultant and business development manager for more than 20 years. After seeing what amazing results Bryan got from taking CBD oil daily Heidi  felt there was a huge opportunity to introduce this information to the spa market to help others.however after seeing so many spas abroad ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ and using it is a gimmick as the latest trend Heidi felt it was not being represented in the best way. Heidi has worked with Lauren Starkey a South African spa trainer for the past year who has given her a huge insight into better techniques and better quality massage treatments. Together they have created a full CBD spa treatment including an in-depth consultation, amazing trigger point targeted massage and recommended home care for each and every client. All therapists will complete full training with Lauren and Heidi to give their clients get the best quality treatments and the therapist has increased their skillset. 

The Ultimate Goal (Spa Point of View)

The ultimate goal from a spa point of view is the fact we offer a unique massage treatment called trigger point therapy. The CBD oil mixed with the massage oil absorbs into the bloodstream. As a spa consultant Heidi is very concerned about the amount of burnout and injuries in the industry due to the techniques massage therapists are using. Because of this and the amazing benefits clients feel from having the trigger point therapy she decided to combine CBD and trigger point to focus on reducing inflammation, pain relief and providing overall wellbeing.

Clients using the CBD drops from have already noted an improvement of skin conditions, sleep, mindset and pain.

CBD Spa does recommend that one treatment is not a cure all and like any treatment the client will need to commit to a course of treatments and the use of home care to really feel the benefits.


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