How CBD Changed My Life

by Heidi Grimwood on February 18, 2020

Pain never seems to go away as an MMA fighter. I practice every day, multiple times a day — so my threshold for pain tolerance is pretty high. But no matter what, I still caught myself getting up to grab whatever harsh pain reliever medicine I had bought for that week. I was always hurting. Always limping or unable to extend joints all the way, which all directly affected my performance in the cage.

My coach told me I needed to do something or else the pace I was going could potentially end my career. I remember that day — that was the scariest shit of my life. I knew I had to make a dramatic change as quickly as I could. I wasn’t sure who to go to at the time, so I ended up calling up an old buddy of mine — he was a vet in the MMA world and I knew he suffered a lot of injuries. If anyone could give me advice it was going to be him.

After a few minutes on the phone, I realized he was doing great — more than great actually. I asked what his secret was and since then I’ve never been the same again. His response was “CBD.” I think I went online to buy it as we were finishing that conversation — I mean I was desperate to find natural help that wouldn’t mess up my body, make me fail a drug test, or get me hooked on something too strong.

The thing is, these little capsules were the only CBD pills that helped with my chronic pain. I stopped going to the house medicine cabinet to grab a pain reliever. I noticed a difference in my performance two days into taking them. My trainer noticed right away too. It helped me hit a second peak in my career because of how I was performing with CBD; I hadn’t done that well since when I was first starting out over eight years ago.


Through it all, I figured out my routine. I take a serving with water once in the morning before my first training and once at night after my last training session. The results have been nothing short of amazing. This is the first time in at least ten years that I can go through a whole day without feeling unbearable pain! I’m stunned at how fast-acting the gel capsules are once you take them.

Since I discovered them I’ve told all the guys I train with at my gym about their healing potential. Now they’re all convinced! Even my trainer takes them. I’ve noticed these pills take away more than muscle and joint pain because my coach doesn’t have chronic pain like me or the rest of the guys on the team. He mentioned he used to get nervous a lot and he even tells me that now that’s all gone for him as well because of the CBD soft-gel capsules.

It’s amazing to me these little pills can do so much for the body — and that they aren’t everywhere yet. So many people I know hadn’t heard of them before. I was shocked that the MMA community was unaware of some capsules that take that last little bit of extra pain away, like taking the edge off…I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome.

My mission is to share with as many people who will listen to the power that these little pills contain. I know my life wouldn’t still be based around the ring if it wasn’t for these little CBD capsules. If they could change my life, I’m sure they will make a difference in your life too.


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