How to Make Sure Your Kids Do Not Steal Your CBD

by Heidi Grimwood on September 23, 2019

Over the last year, plenty of events in various countries have changed the world’s outlook on the positivity of using CBD oil in treating specific conditions.

North American countries (in particular Canada and the United States) are some of the leading nations when it comes down to adopting CBD oil for mass consumption. 

Canada, for example, became the second country in the world to federally legalize the recreational use of marijuana in October of 2017.

Only two months later, President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill of 2018, which changed the definition of marijuana under American law and authorized the distribution of CBD products.

The federal law dictates that a CBD product must contain 0.3% or less THC in order to be considered legal in the United States.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a euphoric high, but rather distribute therapeutic and healthy properties for the human body.

As governments, medical professionals, scientists, and researchers are beginning to side with cannabis, the general public is gradually welcoming the idea as well, thus reducing the feeling of stigma around the subject matter.

A variety of CBD infused products are being sold, such as pills, vapes, and edibles, and they are distributed by a variety of businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and vape shops. 

With booming business and high demand, the market is greatly benefiting from all of these series of changes circulating CBD products.

According to Healthcare Weekly, predictions state that the market size of CBD is going to reach more than $20 billion by the year 2024. 

Multiple studies have pinpointed numerous health benefits from CBD products, which can be prescribed medically as a potential option for treatment.

Some of the conditions CBD can treat include nausea, headaches, anxiety disorders, epilepsy, diabetes, and obesity.

CBD is becoming an answer to treat several severe illnesses in the world, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s Diseases.

Even with all of these great qualities of CBD, as well as low to no risk of overdose, any drug should be used responsibly.

One piece of advice is to keep CBD away from the reach of children. There are so many cases of children being hospitalized due to the consumption of some medication or drugs that they should be nowhere near. 

There are plenty of ways to hide your stash from your kids to ensure even more safety concerning CBD.

The first possibility is an obvious choice – have the CBD stash under lock and key by purchasing a safe, lockbox or any other item that can be inaccessible to children.

Kids can be intuitive and skillful even when opening the supposedly child-protective caps of pill bottles. Therefore, a safe secured with a key or passcode would be a more reliable place to keep CBD away from your kids.

Inexpensive and effective, safes can be as small as a makeup bag with internal pockets and a personal lock, or as large as a safe installed within a wall of your home.

Some safes can be accessed with a traditional key, passcode, or even fingerprint matching (if you would like to spend more to guarantee more of a result).

Another option is to hide the CBD stash in plain sight. After all, if the home seems to not have any secrets, no kid will try to look for some.

Children do not usually have any interested in looking through a can of coffee, a box of prunes, or a dictionary. Yet all of these objects can store CBD away from kids’ reach or curiosity.

If these examples do not sound convincing or clever enough for your children (or maybe your kid loves prunes for some reason), think of innovative ways to hide your CBD product making sure it is out of your kid’s reach. 

It is important to make sure your child is safe and your mind is at peace.

Even though there are multiple methods of making sure that your CBD stash does not end up in your children’s hands, another approach to this subject is to be straightforward. In other words, train your child to not consume anything without asking if he or she is old enough to understand. 

This will help keep them safe from consuming any product that may harm them in general, and set a certain discipline. 

CBD is considered by many governments as a form of treatment for medical conditions. With that in mind, children should be aware of which medications not to use, touch, or steal.

While there is a range of technological precautions available, children appreciate respect and honesty from their parents, as they feel like they are perceived as intelligent human beings capable of being trusted with sensitive information.

Kids in their teens should be aware that cannabis is a serious drug that should be used if needed when older. Parents should be firm when discussing the importance of CBD as an option of making sure that there is no temptation from the kids to snoop around for cannabis.

While CBD should be handled with care, kids above a certain age themselves can greatly benefit from the substance’s healthy qualities.

According to Kyro, Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved drug that contains CBD, and it is specifically targeted for children as this treatment is used for pediatric epilepsy and seizures.

The drug led to even more changes in the United States, as the TSA changed its policy on marijuana. As of May 2019, passengers are allowed to carry CBD products on-boarded flights without any trouble.

Children can have chronic pain and other serious diagnoses that CBD oil showcased extreme success in regulating.

Whether you decide to keep the CBD in a hiding place or let your kids know about its existence in the household, it is important to handle CBD and the topic of cannabis as a whole, in a responsible manner. 

With that point in mind, make sure to not only keep CBD out of your kids’ reach but also educate them on how the product cannot be used by just anyone unless prescribed, as you (the parents) use it in the house.

If your child is dealing with health issues that CBD could treat, do consult a doctor and take enough advice before introducing the substance. 

While research is taking its course, it is very important to keep CBD away from children just like you would keep any other medication or drug. Take the necessary precautions and be extremely responsible with your CBD products.

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