• Is It a Good Idea to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

    In general, CBD oil for dogs is a great option for dog owners and dogs of all kinds. As long as you’ve cleared it with your veterinarian, you can probably use CBD oil for your dog as well. Make sure you stick to a high-quality CBD manufacturer; one that specializes in CBD for humans, like Charlotte’s Web, is typically your best choice.
  • Therapists Train to deliver a Wellness High!

    CBD Spa operators are working with their clients to document treatment courses and results to supplement limited Irish data on treatment experience and outcomes currently available.
  • Is CBD a Magic Potion to Cure-All?

    CBD oil has become a trending market in the last couple of years with a lot of questions raised: is it safe, is it illegal, can I take it, can I not take it, and why should I take it?
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Benefits: 17 Experts Comment

    We are reaching out to doctors, health professionals & CBD experts on the benefits of CBD oil, and have listed all the great responses that have been sent to us so far below.

    While there are loads of anecdotal reports on how CBD oil has helped people, we are looking for scientifically-backed arguments with peer-reviewed studies for each reported benefit, and are looking to compile as much evidence as possible and as many comments as possible for each point.

  • Does CBD Oil Work for Arthritis Pain?

    CBD derived from hemp plants is legal, since these plants contain 0.3% or less of tetrahydrocannabinol, the mind-altering substance for which marijuana is famous. However, it is important to know that CBD from any plant in the cannabis species has the same structure and actions irrespective of its origin, and the sourcing is an issue mainly because of the legal issues surrounding marijuana use in some States in the US, and in many countries of the world. Most CBD is derived from the industrial hemp plant which has higher concentrations of this chemical. The oil is extracted by one of many methods and then added to a carrier oil to form CBD oil.

    Commonly referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction affects 30 million American men of all ages. The causes of erectile dysfunction may be physiological, psychological, or a combination of both. Certain men may be at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction, such as those who are older than 50, are overweight, or have heart disease. 
  • How Does CBD Affect Your Libido, and Does It Have a Place in Your Sex Life?

    Is CBD only a buzzword or can it actually help your sex life? Read on to find out what research tells us so far.
  • Can CBD Make Sex Better? Here’s What the Experts Say

    Sex changed for Heather Huff-Bogart when she had her IUD removed. The once fun, pleasurable experience now left her “curled over in pain with cramps.” Eager to find a solution to the problem, she decided to try a personal lubricant infused with cannabidiol (CBD) about six months ago, and noticed immediate improvements.

    “It helped reduce the pain and inflammation I have during intercourse. My husband noticed that I don’t complain as much about pain, and it’s been beneficial for both of us,” says Huff-Bogart.

  • CBD Clinical Trials

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is becoming a household name. The cannabinoid’s recent surge in popularity is due chiefly to its exposure as a source of relief from some debilitating ailments such as epilepsy, anxiety, and depression. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the many cannabinoids that make up the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa.
  • How CBD Changed My Life

    Pain never seems to go away as an MMA fighter. I practice every day, multiple times a day — so my threshold for pain tolerance is pretty high. But no matter what, I still caught myself getting up to grab whatever harsh pain reliever medicine I had bought for that week. I was always hurting. Always limping or unable to extend joints all the way, which all directly affected my performance in the cage. My coach told me I needed to do something or else the pace I was going could potentially end my career. I remember that day — that was the scariest shit of my life. I knew I had to make a dramatic change as quickly as I could. 
  • CBD and Dogs: 15 Ways It May Help Your Pet

    CBD and dogs go together well, according to a lot of studies and veterinarians. CBD can be given to dogs in the form of CBD pill, liquid CBD oil for dogs, or CBD dog treats. There is no difference between these three and it mostly depends on convenience and your dog's preference; however, it's possible that CBD oil for dogs may have better absorption rates

    CBD is known for its healing properties, having entered the mainstream of late as a proposed panacea to pain for various ailments like arthritis, diabetes, and nausea caused by chemotherapy. This is partly due to pre-clinical trials suggesting the oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, although the vast amount of research has only been conducted so far on animals due to CBD’s contested legal status. Many also swear by CBD in helping to moderate mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia.