Commonly referred to as ED, erectile dysfunction affects 30 million American men of all ages. The causes of erectile dysfunction may be physiological, psychological, or a combination of both. Certain men may be at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction, such as those who are older than 50, are overweight, or have heart disease. 
  • Can CBD Make Sex Better? Here’s What the Experts Say

    Sex changed for Heather Huff-Bogart when she had her IUD removed. The once fun, pleasurable experience now left her “curled over in pain with cramps.” Eager to find a solution to the problem, she decided to try a personal lubricant infused with cannabidiol (CBD) about six months ago, and noticed immediate improvements.

    “It helped reduce the pain and inflammation I have during intercourse. My husband noticed that I don’t complain as much about pain, and it’s been beneficial for both of us,” says Huff-Bogart.

  • How CBD Changed My Life

    Pain never seems to go away as an MMA fighter. I practice every day, multiple times a day — so my threshold for pain tolerance is pretty high. But no matter what, I still caught myself getting up to grab whatever harsh pain reliever medicine I had bought for that week. I was always hurting. Always limping or unable to extend joints all the way, which all directly affected my performance in the cage. My coach told me I needed to do something or else the pace I was going could potentially end my career. I remember that day — that was the scariest shit of my life. I knew I had to make a dramatic change as quickly as I could. 
  • Email Sent by a Customer About Men's Health Issues

      I’m writing to you to let you know what your cbd has done for me. I would like to remain anonymous and here’s why, maybe 6 to 7 weeks ago I purc...